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Limerick - Atlantic Edge, European Embrace

In a small city with a big heart, you will find the dynamic and cultural Limerick City.

Crafted by the strong Atlantic winds Limerick sits in an enviable position, boasting some of the best connections with its motorway and to the rest of Ireland via the International Shannon Airport serves Europe, the USA and the rest of the world. Limerick looks out across the Atlantic with the Americas just five hours away. And it is also an integral part of Europe, with its millennia of rich history. This dual aspect has informed the character of Limerick. A rich combination of the verve that built America and the openness, experience and cultural appeal of Europe. Within the medieval quatre of Limerick city sits the Absolute Hotel. Welcoming visitors from the USA, Europe, Ireland and beyond they sit in an area of culture and historical reference. Minutes’ walk to some of the best local attractions such as King John’s Castle, the famous Milk Market to the sporting hubs of the Gaelic Grounds (GAA) and Thomond Park (Rugby). The Absolute Hotel embraces the edgy side of Limerick City with its modern design, warm welcome overlooking the rarely seen aspects of the Abbey River which flows into the Shannon River.

Limerick for Business

Limerick is a place to do business. It is home to large international companies. Why do these large multinational companies position themselves in Limerick City?

  • A highly connected destination in Europe that, uniquely, is as close to the Americas as it is to 26 EU nations.
    Young, talented and English-speaking Europe’s most youthful, educated and English-speaking local population, nearly 50% under 35, with tens of thousands of university or college students within its catchment area.

  • Cost-effective, competitive and collaborative:  Lower outlays, room to expand - quality current and future office space - a high yet affordable quality of life, as well as work/life balance, all backed by resourced stakeholder support across the entire region - and especially true compared to elsewhere in Ireland and Western Europe.

  • The home of some of the world’s most pioneering and/or established international businesses, including Uber, Dell, Northern Trust, Johnson & Johnson, Analog, General Motors, Regeneron and Viagogo. In 2018, Limerick was also named (a) European City of the Future by the Financial Times.


Limerick as a tourist destination – Visit Limerick

As well as being home to multinational companies, Limerick is a great place to visit for leisure.
What does Limerick offer those coming to see this great city?

  • The locals...The people make and drive a culture like no one else. Their warm welcome and embrace are what makes thousands of visitors return time and time again. They will always open their homes, business and hearts to visitors in their genuine and honest way to offer a real Irish welcome. Be prepared to drink a lot of tea!

  • Limerick’s food scene, markets, restaurants and pubs combine the innovative with the traditional while being welcoming, family-friendly, full of art, music and easy-going people.

  • The start of the Great Southern Greenway trail to the coast through some of the continent’s most enticing countryside and villages. Home of outdoor, river and water-based adventures, suitable for everyone.

  • The gateway to The Wild Atlantic Way from a city whose identity is forged by European history, culture and art. Limerick is close to nature while acting as a stage for street artists, live music and a calendar of cultural events. 

Study in Limerick

  • Limerick’s is home to highly rated academic institutions. The University of Limerick, Limerick Institute of Technology, Mary Immaculate College and Limerick School of Art & Design offer student-centric, future-focused undergraduate to post-doctoral studies, with an eye on employability.
    With nearly 25,000 students making up a quarter of the city’s population, it’s also young, vibrant and safe. Students find it easy to get around the compact and welcoming city, even though it’s the country’s third-largest city.

    Strategic, scenic and sociable Limerick is the capital of the visually striking West of Ireland, easily accessible internationally and domestically. 
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