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King John's Castle Limerick

The Absolute Hotel Limerick is the hotel nearest to some of Limerick's most iconic buildings and tourist attractions - King Johns Castle Limerick. Located in the heart of medieval Limerick City, this tour of a 13th-century castle is suitable for all ages. Explore the visitor center with state-of-the-art interpretive activities and exhibitions and take in the views of the majestic Shannon River.

21st-century touch-screen technology, 3D models, and discovery drawers are among the many exciting systems that will connect you to tales of siege and warfare from the era. Children will love the astonishing range of computer-generated animations and ghostly projections as they travel back through time. Meet Nicholas, the Master Mason who may share some secrets of the trade, and Willem the cheerful Moneyer, Constable Roger De Lees, and more. Don't forget to visit the Education and Activity Room - bustling with tasks to invigorate curious minds.

Visitors can also try on some historic costumes – 18th-century dresses or chainmail tunics and make your way to the busy courtyard, where you will discover a medieval battle tent, a blacksmiths forge and scenes from a seventeenth-century siege. The sights, scenes, and sounds of King John’s Castle and its surroundings all combine to recreate the atmosphere of the era.

A new series of medieval courtyard games are set to bring the courtyard to life! These are similar to the types of games people would have enjoyed on fair days back in medieval times. These handcrafted, games offer the perfect option for a day out in Limerick!

Residents of the Absolute Hotel receive a 15% discount off their King John's Castle admission. 

                                                                                    Use promo code ABS15 online here when purchasing tickets to avail of the discount.                                                                            (Please note discount only available through bookings made direct on the King John's Castle website)

Hotel guests may be required provide proof of hotel stay at the relevant attractions admissions desk to avail of these rates.

For more information call +353 61 370 500 or 

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